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Posture improvement for Lindy Hop


Mar 12, 2015 Gallery 1 Comment

In this blog, I’d like to explore the relationship between posture and dance and how we can train the body to be used in more efficient and aesthetically pleasing ways. As [...]

Tips for breaking down old clips


Feb 18, 2015 Gallery 0 Comments

Have you ever found an old video clip that you wanted to recreate, or just learn something from? Have you ever wondered where teachers get their ingenuity to present new [...]

Cards Against Lindy Hop (NSFW)


Dec 4, 2014 Gallery 2 Comments

For all of you fans of Cards Against Humanity, Lainey and I have come up with a Lindy Hop/Blues themed expansion pack.  Add your own ideas in our comments section! [...]

The ingredients of a great event


Nov 25, 2014 Gallery 1 Comment

Over the past 18+ years, I’ve made an effort to attend a number of events, all over the world. I wanted to share some stories of what works, what didn’t [...]

Styling, a Personal Exploration


Sep 15, 2014 Gallery 0 Comments

Style. Expression. Lines. Some of Lindy Hop’s signature qualities. All beautiful concepts, but in the world of partner dancing they have to live alongside connection, lead-follow, and technique. To serve [...]

10 Tips for Team Leaders


Aug 14, 2014 Gallery 0 Comments

In this installment of my team series, I’d like to talk about 10 small things I’ve used in the past that can make your team shine. 1) Four Corners When [...]

Snap moments, inspiration and perspective


Jul 28, 2014 Gallery 4 Comments

This is a blog about the process of getting better. Most specifically, I’d like to talk about what I call “snap moments”…those times when a word, or a thought or [...]

How to be a good beginner


Jul 23, 2014 Gallery 4 Comments

Sometimes I think about what would happen if I could, like Cher says, “turn back time” and start over as a beginner.  What would I do differently?  How could I [...]

A Guide for Bands Looking to Play for Dancers


Jun 27, 2014 Gallery 0 Comments

Swing dancing is a fun, vibrant, worldwide community, with hundreds of small communities in almost every city in the world. Weekly events are the lifeblood of swing dance, and live [...]