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How to do well at a level test or track audition


Jul 4, 2015 Gallery 0 Comments

Registration? Check. Time-off work? Check. Place to stay? Check. Excitement over spending the next 72 hours in Lindy Hop bliss? Triple check. Next, you read through the upcoming dance weekend’s [...]

Frankie’s Tranky Doo (The Frankie Doo)

By Lainey Silver

Apr 30, 2015 Gallery 0 Comments

In honor of Frankie Manning’s birthday month, we wanted to highlight a variation of a well-known line dance choreography. The Tranky Doo is usually attributed to Pepsi Bethel for the [...]

Taking Care of Your Body for Lindy Hoppers

By Lainey Silver

Mar 24, 2015 Gallery 25 Comments

Lindy hop is a very athletic dance. We dance our best and have long nights of social dancing when our bodies are at their peak performance levels. Unfortunately, we don’t [...]

Posture improvement for Lindy Hop


Mar 12, 2015 Gallery 1 Comment

In this blog, I’d like to explore the relationship between posture and dance and how we can train the body to be used in more efficient and aesthetically pleasing ways. As [...]

Tips for breaking down old clips


Feb 18, 2015 Gallery 0 Comments

Have you ever found an old video clip that you wanted to recreate, or just learn something from? Have you ever wondered where teachers get their ingenuity to present new [...]

Cards Against Lindy Hop (NSFW)


Dec 4, 2014 Gallery 2 Comments

For all of you fans of Cards Against Humanity, Lainey and I have come up with a Lindy Hop/Blues themed expansion pack.  Add your own ideas in our comments section! [...]

An Overview of Jazz Era Fashion

By Lainey Silver

Dec 3, 2014 Gallery 0 Comments

This blog post is dedicated to dancers looking for some vintage inspiration in their closets. Specifically, I will be doing a brief overview of women’s fashion in the jazz era [...]

The ingredients of a great event


Nov 25, 2014 Gallery 1 Comment

Over the past 18+ years, I’ve made an effort to attend a number of events, all over the world. I wanted to share some stories of what works, what didn’t [...]