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Snap moments, inspiration and perspective


Jul 28, 2014 Gallery 4 Comments

This is a blog about the process of getting better. Most specifically, I’d like to talk about what I call “snap moments”…those times when a word, or a thought or [...]

How to go to more events this year


Apr 25, 2014 Gallery 0 Comments

Events. 72 magical hours of everything dance related. Competitions, social dancing until the wee hours, friends, classes, and a new city to explore. There’s nothing quite like it; as you [...]

An Intro to Teaching Dance


Apr 4, 2014 Gallery 8 Comments

Most dancers that acquire a decent level of skill will be called upon at some point to teach a class and show this dance we all love to a new [...]

The Packing Conundrum

By Lainey Silver

Dec 18, 2013 Gallery 1 Comment

There’s always a challenge of how much I can fit into my suitcase. Every time I go to an event, I try to pack a carry-on bag and a backpack [...]