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How to be a better Swing DJ


Nov 29, 2013 Gallery 36 Comments

How to be a better Swing DJ. In my opinion. DJing is a skill. In the hands of some, an art form. Many Djs are indiscernible and arguably less exciting [...]

Frankie 100 Survival Guide


Oct 27, 2013 Gallery 12 Comments

Frankie 100 is coming! Like a giant Lindy Hop family reunion, Next May 2,500 dancers from around the world will descend upon the city where Lindy Hop started over 80 [...]

Blues in Green and Orange


Oct 8, 2013 Gallery 0 Comments

Here is a clip pulled from “In a Jazz Way”, a wonderful documentary about the making of the documentary film “Spirit Moves”, a project by the late Mura Dehn. Before [...]

Tips for speeding up your Lindy Hop


Jun 25, 2013 Gallery 0 Comments

For swing dancers, speed is a relative term.  What once seemed fast to you will be comfortable in time.  At a certain point however, you’ll want to focus your practice [...]