Vintage Swing Dancers from Brooklyn, NYC. Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa

Class Concepts

Here is some examples of our class concepts. We can teach many styles of classes beyond this, but here are some ideas of things we commonly present to students.

Guided Swing-out work
We’ll talk about how to make your fundamentals “pop”.. how to move smarter, look more authentic and gain maximum speed, look and technique in your swing outs.

Open it up!
Exercises and ideas that will guide you to more “magic moments” in your dance.

Power Moves
We’ll look at Lindy Hop’s most impactful movements. We didn’t say they were easy, but if you take these moves and principals and work with them, you will stand out

How to Develop a Combo
In this session we’ll show you a couple of sample combos for competing in strictly’s, and then we’ll guide you through the process of building your own.

Swivels and Swing out Variations
Come by and learn ways to change up your swing out styling. In this class, we’ll give pointers on how to make the most of your swivel, and show alternate rhythms and step variations.

Partnered Charleston
Tired of that ole’ side by side? Tandem seeming a little dull these days? Let’s kick it up with some new charleston moves. These moves are great for dancing to faster tempos and expanding swing vocabulary. Concepts will include connection and quality of movement.

Basics: All about Connection
This class will address core of pure lead and follow. Mind-bending exercises will improve counter-balance, stretch, inertia, flow and turns. These exercises will help erase bad habits and foster new vocabulary.

Swing Outs at Any Speed
This class dives into swing out technique. Exercises and footwork patterns will show students how to improve their basic swing out. We’ll crank up the tempo and give tips for how to do a swing out at lightning speed.

Lifts and Aerials
Time to get your Tarzan on! This intermediate/advanced class will cover lift techniques including basing, bowing, tucking, weight sharing and flips. The class will start with a few grounded tricks, then move to 2-3 classic air steps. Partner required.

Get Rhythm in your Feet (and Music in Your Soul)
In this class, we’ll spice up your basics moves with the integration of jazz steps. This class will show students how to combine solo movement with partner dancing.

Working with a few common movements, we’ll show you how to communicate more with your partner and use more dimensions of the dance. We will turn “patterns” into dancing and help you to work with your partner in more ways.

In this class we’ll explore how the music works in both its macro and micro structures.  We’ll show you how knowing these structures can help you plan better combinations of moves and know when to follow and when to express your own rhythms.

Exercises to Improve Your Dancing
We will show you some ways to train your body and partnering skills so that you can find more communication and more of a two-way flow of information in your dances.  We will put clear words and concepts behind those “magical” dances and help you to make more of them on the dance floor!

Leading for Two
How to give and get space for improvisation.

Overlap your 8s
Slick ways to mix up the 8 count and Charleston Rhythms.

Amazing Phrasing
Say what you want to say with your feet while staying true to the music.

Horizontal Dynamics
Expressing rhythms through the body and stretch

Leading and Following Like a Pro
How to move to the next level with your partnership

Adding Footwork to Everything
We’ll give you the tools and confidence to put some pizzazz and jazzy rhythms in your steps.

Musical Response 
Deconstructing songs and dancing to different layers of the music.

Style and Character 
Explore call and response and stylistic choices to add expression to your dancing.

Traveling Shoes with Charleston!
We’ll explore fun ideas and traveling charleston footwork patterns to add a whole new world of charleston to your vocabulary.

Social Syncopation 
Leadable ways to express the music through follow styling and leader syncopation.  Make your body express what you hear and open up new possibilities in your improvisation.

Energy Vs. Tempo
This class works on tempo and energy level and how to adapt your movement based on the feeling of the music.  Students gain a better ability to dance to faster tempos.

Jazz Babies!
How to invent Jazz moves by combining common solo variations.

Blues and Slow Dance:

Slowing it down, and making it look good.
Dancing to slow tempos can prove just as challenging as dancing to fast tempos. In this class we’ll introduce moves and techniques that work for those slow sinuous tunes which baffle the average lindy hopper. Vocabulary in this class will emphasize musicality, continuity of movement and connection.

Making and Breaking Blues Patterns
Mixing an matching common blues steps to find interesting improvisational elements.

Choreography and Teams: 

How to Choreograph a Classic or Showcase Routine 
How to pick a song, begin your choreography, and put the finishing touches on a routine.

Air Steps for Teams and Formations
In this hands-on class, we’ll teach air steps that are geared towards changing formations and we will also show you how to practice timing aerials as a group.

Classic Choreography: Part 1 of 2
Learn a classic choreography: the Lindy Chorus.

Team and Performance: Part 2 of 2
This class will show students important concepts for performing in a group setting. We’ll add formations and off-set motion to the Lindy Chorus (from previous class) to give students a feel for how teams can best move in synch.

Bonus Classes:

“Being a Better Teacher” Workshop
Up to the students on this one. Some wild card subjects we’ve had in the past include blues, peabody, soul dancing and shag. The teacher workshop entails a discussion about effective teaching techniques, djing, community building.

De-Lindy Your Balboa
A study of the characteristics that make Balboa unique from Lindy Hop….It’s not just the footwork.

Breakaway is one of the direct predecessors to Lindy Hop, danced to the hot jazz and early swing of the 20s. Watch this historical clip from the movie After Seben for context: 

Discover this fun dance from the 1920s. All levels.

Introduction to Tap
Intro to Rhythms

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Routines

Collegiate Shag
All Levels

All levels